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Lost Soul – Erster Song online

LOST SOULAm 30. Oktober 2015 erscheint mit „Atlantis: The New Beginning“ das neue Album der polnischen Death Metal Institution Lost Soul. Schon heute bekommt ihr den ersten Song als Vorgeschmack auf die Ohren: „Aqueous Ammonia“!

Lost Soul-Mastermind Jacek Grecki über den Vorabsong:
„It is my great pleasure to announce that we will finally share the first song off the upcoming album “Atlantis: The New Beginning” with you!!! “Aqueous Ammonia” is the second track on the album. I can’t say it is one of my favorites, because I love all the songs on „Atlantis …“. However, this song seems to be the best piece to start interacting with our fans; totally uncompromising, fast, dark, angry and expressively built. The lyrical layer is set in the orbital sphere of one of the outer planets within the solar system. The underlying message refers to the story of the Kingdom of Poseidon while it constitutes the denial of the second commandment of the decalogue at the same time. The piece is complemented by a fantastic lead by our guitarist Marek Gołaś, embellished with choir and delicate keyboards in the background. Atlantis is approaching fast! Enjoy!”



01. Hypothelemus
02. Aqueous Ammonia
03. Ravines Of Rapture
04. Unicornis
05. The Next Generation
06. Vastitas Borealis
07. Perihelion
08. False Testimony
09. Frozen Volcano
10. Atlantis

Bonus Tracks (Deluxe Edition)
11. Red Giant
12. Sonidos Del Apocalipsis
13. Supernovae


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