Genre: Pagan Black / Viking Metal. With Thrash, Folk & Ambiental influences…
Lineup: Sacerdos Magus (all instruments)

Antiquus Scriptum was born in 1998 when Sacerdos Magus left the band Firstborn Evil where he was bass player (as Iblis) since 1995. The project was formed with him on bass & vocals, Asmodeus (Neoplasmah) on guitar and Drakonem Drakul on drums. This formation lasted until the end of 1999, playing only once live in this same year in Almada (Portugal), giving rise to the recording „Al-Mahadan MCMXCIX“; (Appeared recently a demo from this period that was named: „Tales From The Past Millennium“). In May 2000, now as a solo project of Sacerdos Magus, was recorded the first studio demo tape „In Pulverem Reverteris“ unleashed by self-releasing through the label of Sacerdos Magus, Eye Of Horus Creations; only 50 copies were made of this first tape edition. Were asked to work solely on this work his former partner of Firstborn Evil, the keyboardist Helskir (Firstborn Evil / The Firstborn) and to record his brother Nyx Sludgedweller (Firstborn Evil / The Firstborn), whom took over the production and mixing, which shares would repeat itself for years until this day, participating Nyx from then on also on lead guitar.

During 2001 and 2002 is recorded the first full length „Abi In Malam Pestem“album, that would only come out in 2007 by the Portuguese label Nekrogoat Heresy Productions, due to an abrupt stop of the project due to Sacerdos Magus personal issues. This label also re-released later tape format, the albums „Abi In Malam Pestem“ & „Immortalis Factus“ by its sub label, War Flagellation Productions. In 2008 it was recorded the second album, „Immortalis Factus“, that was released the following year by the North American Ophiucus Records in professional format, along with the reissue of „Abi In Malam Pestem“ by this label. In this same year, 2009, is released the first best of from Antiquus Scriptum called „Inner Depression (Syndromes Of Fear)“, by two Malaysian labels kvlt 666 Produktion & Soulsix Music. In 2010 is released by the Dutch Victory By Fire Records a double CD, called „Ex-Libris“, which contains the first and second albums of the project.

In 2010 is recorded the third album „Conclamatum Est“, which would eventually be released without the permission of Sacerdos Magus by Satanica Productions from New Zealand, after contract cancellation. Were never delivered or paid any copies of this work to the band, and this label is illegally selling this album for some exaggerated 15 New-Zealanders dollars. This label also reissued the first two albums „Abi In Malam Pestem“ & „Immortalis Factus“, again against the will of Sacerdos Magus. The project went through a period of reflection in 2011, only the first two albums were reissued by the German label Runenstein Records in February 2012, that also launches the third best of from Antiquus Scriptum“Symphonies Of Winter Through Eternal Forests“.

In early 2013, was released also by Runenstein Records the best of „… Recôndito É O Nocturno Covil Do Misantropo… (Tristeza & Honra Em IV Capítulos)“, which brings together all the intros, interludes & outros that Antiquus Scriptum has in its discography (100 copies). In April 29th, 2013, was released the split between The Sorcerer (Por) + Antiquus Scriptum that’s named „… Enterrai Os Vivos E Cuidai Dos Mortos…“, through the German label Runenstein Records as well, in a draft of 100 pieces. In May 29th, was released the fourth full-length that is entitled „Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…“, now through a new label, the German Pesttanz Klangschmiede, that unleashed this work in Pro CD (1.000 copies) + Digipack Deluxe (100 copies). In June 2013 was finally released the official release of the album „Conclamatum Est“, after some Winters of despair, by the Austrian label Talheim Records (500 copies). In October 2013 the keyboradist Helskir left the project, being replaced by Odium, that have previous participated in the recording of some keys in the album „Ars Longa, Vita Brevis…“. In this period was unleashed by Pesttanz Klangschmiede the re-edition of the album „Immortalis Factus“ in Pro-CD (1.000 copies) + Digipack Deluxe (100 copies). In December 2013 Antiquus Scriptum gave an interview for the Antena 3 radio show „Hipertensão“, presented by António Freitas. In late February 2014 was unleashed the re-edition of the album „Abi In Malam Pestem“ in Professional format (1.000 copies) + Digipack (100 copies) through the German Pesttanz Klangschmiede. In 2017 the italian label “This Winter Will Last Forever” releases the definitive best of titled “Antologia” in digital formatì, CD and Tape formats.

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Antiquus Scriptum - "Antologia" (This Winter Will Last Forever)

Antiquus Scriptum – „Antologia“ (This Winter Will Last Forever)


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