Apparition are excited to finally reveal the official release date of their upcoming album „The Awakening“ through a VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT!

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„The Awakening“ will be out on February the 2nd 2018 via Wormholedeath / The Orchard / Aural Music Group; pre orders will be running starting from January the 19th 2018.

THE AWAKENING offers soaring riffs, energetic drums, passionate emotive vocals and orchestral undertones, as it takes the listener through a synergy of emotions set to ‘awaken’ the soul as it tells many stories of love and loss, passion and possibility, folklore and imagination. Reflecting on old stories from the Apparition historical narrative and adding new imaginings, THE AWAKENING depicts hope and happiness, growth and love, as well as grief and loss, capturing the many contradictions of life within each song narrative. From melodic riffs to powerful orchestral surges, bursts of dark metal and hints of atmospheric electronica peek out from behind the intricate composition as THE AWAKENING offers a passionate foundation of interwoven rhythmic tracks and melodic ballads.

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„The Awakening“ Album Sampler

Apparition - "The Awakening" Release Date Announced

Apparition – „The Awakening“ Release Date Announced



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