FDA Rekotz is proud to announce the signing of german death metal undeads ARROGANZ. Their latest, second album Kaos.Kult.Kreation gets great response so far from every corner of the rotten crypt. Blackened classic styled death metal with an special sound, catchy but independent, raw, brutal and murderous. Their 3rd. Album will be published in 2014. So watch out for them and so long you can get their latest album in our online Deathstore on CD or Vinyl. www.FDA-REKOTZ.com

In 2008 ARROGANZ was born in the hell of German city Cottbus. In August 2010 the band invaded Blacksmith Studios to record their Debut-Album „Dark And Deathless“, which has been released in April 2011. To promote the hate, ARROGANZ joined the Death Infernal Tour of Swedish Death Metal masters DEMONICAL in May 2011.
Intense rehearsals and sessions ended up in the horror of „Kaos.Kult.Kreation“. In late July ARROGANZ entered Blacksmith-Studios again, to record this Death Metal blasphemy, which was unleashed in early 2013 on vinyl and CD.
Currently the band celebrating their live rituals on different stages and writing new songs for the upcoming album.

taken from: Kaos.Kult:Kreation
released: 2013
by: Blacksmith Records
on: CD/LP