Amoretum Vol. 1, the forthcoming new album from German Riffonauts BLACK SPACE RIDERS, is now streaming in its entirety! Take the trip at this location:

Amoretum Vol. 1 will be released on vinyl, CD, and digital formats on January 26. The single can be purchased and the album pre-ordered on all digital platforms, including Bandcamp, as well as at the band shop:

Official videos for album tracks „Another Sort of Homecoming“ and „Movements“ are available here and here, respectively.

The internationally acclaimed predecessor Refugeeum brought BLACK SPACE RIDERS renown with its mixture of thoughtful, sensitive themes and hard, atmospheric rock. Two years have passed since then, two years in which the world has not necessarily become a better place in the eyes of most people.

War, terror, displacement, destruction, rejection and nationalism dominate the headlines. Or, as a wise little green fellow once said: „Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.“

„All you need is love“, countered the BEATLES in 1967. The response of BLACK SPACE RIDERS in 2018 is Amoretum, a made-up word comprising „amor“ and „arboretum“ to symbolize a protective garden and a germ seed of love. And so the new song cycle of BLACK SPACE RIDERS is all about the conflict between fear-hate-rejection-darkness on the one hand, and love-empathy-care-light on the other. For, how else should we overcome hate, if not with love?

Musically, this conflict is consistently put into practice by a band that beats its own path and is constantly developing. The electronic experiments of the Beyond Regugeeum EP of 2016 have been reduced sonically and cleverly integrated into the powerfully sounding songs. Between fat, dirty riffs and trippy delays, everything that sounds good is allowed; the album is interspersed with a flowing groove throughout and an ever-present atmosphere that embraces the listener. Heavy, sometimes proggy, often psychedelic, always engaging and almost catchy and danceable, Amoretum Vol. 1 takes us by the hand, shows us the dark side, and then wants to give us the hope back that we so often painfully miss.

The album flows from song to song as if from a single cast. The listener wonders after 45 minutes whether everything is really already over, and wants to go back to the beginning again immediately.

But of course everything is not over after 45 minutes in the world of BLACK SPACE RIDERS. The band also announces a second chapter for 2018 … Amoretum Vol. 2 is waiting for us, while we are looking forward to Amoretum Vol 1.

„It’s everything you want in an album and more. Black Space Riders will garner many new fans with this release and you should definitely be among them.“
– This is Not a Scene

„Their level of performance and craft all along has never been made plainer to see than it is here, and if that’s an expression of love as the band knows it, then it’s little wonder their output holds such resonance.“
– The Obelisk

„Black Space Riders are doing something genuinely modern, interesting and accessible off the backs of nobody. ‚Amoretum Vol. 1′ is one of the better rock records I’ve heard in the last decade.“
– Grizzly Butts

„Amoretum Vol.1 is a complete package. A creative cornerstone in rock that gives pleasure from beginning to end.“ 9/10
– Markus‘ Heavy Music Blog

„BSR is a breath of fresh air with the truly indescribable slab of rawk goodness that is Amoretum Vol. 1.“
– Rock and Roll Fables

„Never failing to deliver their gift of musical artistry… I would definitely recommend this group to anyone who enjoys the alternative, hard rock sound.“
– Patchchord News

„Amoretum Vol.1″ is an album with many standards between Rock, Doom and some Space Rock deposits, which have been developed into a perfect mix of Black Space Riders.“ 5/5
– Metal Underground (Austria)

„One of the most interesting albums of recent years.“
– Hellfire Magazin

„Black Space Riders blaze through 45 minutes of powerful & sonically challenging music. Fat riffs, a flowing groove and a certain psychedelic edge gets the body moving.“
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

„They’ve come together and made something that is equally as cool as it is a fever dream of atmospheric music.“
– Overdrive Magazine

„Together with the enjoyable bundle of songs there is quality production, the kind that keeps the music raw but professional.“
– DemonsZone

„Delicate electronic sounds with an occasional heavy, sludgy guitar to produce an alternative rock sound similar to Baroness’s recent work. heavily-riffed tracks sharing space alongside radio-friendly melodic tunes.“
– Metal Reviews

BLACK SPACE RIDERS Streaming 'Amoretum Vo1. 1' Album

BLACK SPACE RIDERS Streaming ‚Amoretum Vo1. 1‘ Album

Track List:

1. Lovely Lovelie
2. Another Sort of Homecoming
3. Soul Shelter (Inside of Me)
4. Movements
5. Come and Follow
6. Friends Are Falling
7. Fire! Fire! (Death of a Giant)
8. Fellow Peacemakers

Distribution partners:

Germany/Austria/Switzerland: Cargo Records
USA/ Canada: MVD Entertainment
UK: PHD (plastichead distribution)
BeNeLux: Suburban records
Scandinavia: Border Music
Italy: Goodfellas

JE: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Organ, Piano, Electronics
SEB: Lead vocals, Keyboards, Electronics
C.RIP: Drums, Percussion, Didgeridoo
SLI: Guitars
SAQ: Bass Guitar
MEI: Bass Guitar


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