BLINDING SPARKS came about thanks to the ambition of a few people longing to express themselves. Starting out with a few compositions and countless retakes, fortune ended up turning in Blinding Sparks‘ favour. Most notably, these compositions allowed them to put out some demos. These turned into a basis for their work and sparked enriching experiences that led to a larger-scale project. In fact, BLINDING SPARKS became more professional and took shape with the release of a Maxi Single entitled „Renaissance Insipide“ (Insipid Renaissance), which was BLINDING SPARKS‘ first real record. Then came the public launch. This record was met with some success and, thanks to this beginning of a successful career, the band, so full of potential, was quickly signed to a respectable agent, a competent manager and an audacious distributor/label that quickly devoted itself to the band’s next success. BLINDING SPARKS will without a doubt celebrate the start of their success in 2018, right after the winter 2017 release of their new album entitled “Brutal Awakening“


Brutal Awakening is the debut album from Blinding Sparks and draws its inspiration from an array of musical styles ranging from pop rock to metal. It contains an artful, varied mix of genres. From the broad, saturated sound to the intimate atmosphere, passing through screamo and lyrical singing in the style of Evanescence, Blinding Sparks has proclaimed their pioneering and original style while remaining true to their roots. Their sound is composed of gut-wrenching vocals, pounding drums that hurtle along like a tank, incisive guitars and electronic effects to enhance the ensemble.

BLINDING SPARKS (Alternatif Metal) / New album "Brutal Awakening" , December, 8th

BLINDING SPARKS (Alternatif Metal) / New album „Brutal Awakening“ , December, 8th


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