Burn Inc. or Burn Incorporated is a work that has some impressive details in his almost four years of existence, one of these details, the age is of a musician and founder of the project, Vincenzo Nuciteli (drummer), who to 10 years of age, formed the group that had as executing objective covers of great classics of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Classic Rock and Progressive Metal.

In the year of 2015, up to that time the band was called Burn, the group entered in studio and carved officially his first register. The cover of “Pull me Under” of Dream Theather received the whole new clothes and identity of a young band, formed by young musicians of the city of Monte Alto/SP.

Still aiming at works covers, the band, it remained in this format up to the year of 2017, when he hears several changes in his formation and with the ingression of the brothers Gabriel Alonso (guitar) and Raphael Alonso (bass), the fact was that the group decided to change his proposal and to give beginning in authorial compositions and with a style mixing several elements of the heavy music.

Like trio, the group carved and launched the „Supernew“ music, what competed in the contest “Imagines Brazil 2017”, reaching great end and receiving a video to the living creature of the performance of the trio. Check video down:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzlHKBQBjVM

Crescendo and transforming, Burn Inc., in 2018 it announced officially the ingression of the singer Hariel Davela to the group, aiming at the first launch of studio of the band, the quartet is in studio carving and preparing the first EP of the run. The work is very near of being finished and soon several news will be being revealed a public appraiser of good music.

Hariel Davela: Vocal
Gabriel Alonso: Guitar
Raphael Alonso: Bass
Vincenzo Nuciteli: Drumm

More Informations:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burnbanda/
Roadie Metal Press: http://roadie-metal.com/press/burn-incorporated/

Burn Inc.: know the history of a band formed by young Brazilian musicians

Burn Inc.: know the history of a band formed by young Brazilian musicians


Press Release: Roadie Metal

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