Die finnischen SciFi Metaller von Coraxo haben ihre neu Single Helios vom kommenden Album ‚Sol‘ veröffentlicht, das Du dir hier ansehen kannst:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLlL0GTHZV8

‚Helios‘ features a guitar solo by Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy).

The Coraxo frontman Tomi Toivonen says that the upcoming album will contain „much more melodic and less chaotic“ than the industrial metal influenced debut Neptune and will include multiple guest appearances including guitar solos from Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and Peter Huss (Shining SWE).

The band states that:

„the album is now 100% done, Dan (Swanö) did a great mastering job on it as usual. It is again a theme based album, thematically revolving round the rise of the new society that forms after the war that mankind lost against Starlit Flame, the nanomachine entity. Musically it’s a lot more melodic and „sunny“, pun intended. But lyrically it’s still very dark and gritty“.

The album is available for preorder as vinyl at wwww.snow-wave-records.com

Coraxo haben ihre neu Single vom kommenden Album 'Sol' veröffentlicht

Coraxo haben ihre neu Single vom kommenden Album ‚Sol‘ veröffentlicht


1. Your Life. Our Future.
2. Of Stars Reborn
3. Satellite
4. Helios
5. Retrograde
6. Revenants
7. Ascension
8. Sunlight
9. In Hiding (The Chase pt. I)
10. Spearhead


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Coraxo haben ihre neue Single Helios vom kommenden Album ‚Sol‘ veröffentlicht: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 1 abgegebenen Stimmen.