(out via Snow Wave Records on November 23rd, 2017))

The band Coraxo was formed in the summer of 2014 in Tampere Finland. After Tomis and Villes previous band broke up, they felt the need for making something new, a different kind of melodic death metal. After a while the style of scifi sountrack’esque synthesizers, 70’s electronic music experimentation and nordic melodic metal had taken root.

The second part, titled Sol, for their science fiction story of humanity’s battle against the Lovecraftian cosmic terror Starlit Flame will be released worldwide as digital, CD and limited edition vinyl via the finnish label Snow Wave Records.

The album features multiple guest appearances:
Chris Amott, guitar solo (ex-Arch Enemy, Armageddon)
Elena Cor Tauri, vocals
Ilkka Ferm, saxophone
Peter Huss, guitar solo (Shining SWE)
Sebastian Jensen, vocals (Suidakra)
Nikke Kuki, vocals (Status Abnormis)

In 2016 the band did a couple short tours in Finland, Germany and the UK to promote their debut Neptune. The next tour is planned for March-May 2018.


Coraxo haben ihre neue Single vom kommenden Album 'Sol' veröffentlicht

Coraxo haben ihre neue Single vom kommenden Album ‚Sol‘ veröffentlicht


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