Cortex Complex will be releasing their full album for Digital Download on November 17th followed by the physical release on November 24th. The album is currently available to pre-order!

Following the desperate warning about mankind’s demise in Cortex Complex’s first single “Return” and the graphic depiction of our burned planet in their second single “Flaming Earth” ; their third single Progeny takes the listener to 2049 A.D, which is the very beginning of Cortex Complex’s virtual backstory.

It’s the story of how the first Artificial Intelligence Humanoids came into existence by the hand of an ambitious scientist who tried to play God. Progeny is the first of many events that eventually led to the Man Vs Machine World War…

The album, “Memoirs of an Apocalypse,” is a timeline of the events that led to that great conflict and eventually destroyed the Earth, told from the point of view of Cortex Complex who are desperately trying to save mankind by preventing these events from unfolding…

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The band states the following:

“We are thrilled to unleash the story of Orville and Wilbur and their struggle to save mankind with the help of Bishop and Astrid. This release is close to our hearts and aims to outline the problems within society and the fast pace of technological evolution. The second album is fully conceptual and builds on the 1st release of the band which was instrumental. With the addition of two vocalists the band is now able to guide the listener through a timeline of events leading up to the apocalypse”.


It’s the year 2177. The world has succumbed to highly evolved artificial intelligence and it’s nearing extinction. Humanity has been using this highly evolved A.I. as slaves until a rogue group of machines under the leadership of the „Glass Mind“ fought and won against the human governments. Two malfunctioned humanoids developed love and admiration for humanity and decided to travel back to the year 2015 to warn humanity, through music, of it’s fate.

Their aim is to protect the future of humanity and create a world where man and machine can live together in perfect harmony.



SJ001 – Codenamed Bishop – Vocals
VP001 – Codenamed Astrid – Vocals
MN343 – Codenamed Orville – Guitars/Bass
TA328 – Codenamed WIlbur – Drums


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