Crime Records hat das offizielle Video zu „Redux (Coming Home)“ veröffentlicht, einem Track aus dem IRON FIRE Doppelalbum Dawn of Creation: Twentieth Anniversary.

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Dawn of Creation: Twentieth Anniversary, das eine spezielle Sammlung von Demos, Live-Tracks, Coverversionen und drei neuen Songs enthält, wurde gerade auf Doppel-CD Digipack und digitalen Formaten veröffentlicht. Das Album kann über bestellt werden.

Das Label veröffentlichte die folgende Aussage zu diesem historischen Metal-Dokument:

„So now it's been twenty years since five young guys from the Danish country side decided that power metal should be the first step on their quest to glory. The name Iron Fire came up and carved in stone that these Danes meant to be real, and despite their young age, forge catchy power metal rooted in the classics of Helloween and Running Wild. As the journey continued, ups and downs turned and reformed the band into the trio of today. And now that trio is looking back, and in their wish to celebrate 20 years of power metal, a selection of demo songs has found its way to a double album. Along with three brand new songs Iron Fire provides old songs in the original pre-album versions as well as previously unreleased material. This is the raw and pure, from the heart of Iron Fire. Enjoy!“

Crime Records veröffentlicht offizielles Video zu "Redux (Coming Home)" von IRON FIREs "Dawn of Creation: Twentyth Anniversary"

Crime Records veröffentlicht offizielles Video zu „Redux (Coming Home)“ von IRON FIREs „Dawn of Creation: Twentyth Anniversary“

Track Listing:

Disc 1

1. Dawn of Creation
2. Redux (Coming Home)
3.The Other Side
4.A Token of My Hatred (Cover)
5.King at Any Cost (Demo)
6. This Kids (Cover)
7. Kill for Metal (Live)
8. Slaughter of Souls (Live)
9.Final Odyssey (Live)
10. Among the Dead (Demo)
11. Tornado of Sickness (Demo)
12. Still Alive (Demo)
13. My Awakening (Demo)
14. Enter Oblivion (Demo)

Disc 2

1. Thunderstorm (Demo)
2. Glory to the King (Demo)
3. Defender of the Ring (Demo)
4. Prophecy of Pain (Demo)
5. Flames of Revenge (Demo)
6. Millennium Warriors (Demo)
7. Black Heart (Demo)
8. Vengeance from Hell (Demo)
9. Days of Tragedy (Demo)
10.Fire God (Demo)
11. From the North (Demo)
12. Hall of Heroes (Demo)
13. Brothers United (Demo)
14. Jerusalem (Demo)

Pre-order Bonus Live CD Track Listing:

1. Intro – Blade of Triumph
2. Bridges Will Burn
3. Prince of Agony
4. Steel Invaders
5. Thunderstorm
6. Outro – Odins Call

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Pressemitteilung: Clawhammer PR

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