Die führende ungarische Folk-Metal-Band Dalriada enthüllt neue Album Details, neue Booking-Agentur und erste Festivals für 2018!

‘Nyárutó’ will be released early 2018 by Nail Records on digipak CD and digital. Worldwide release: 19th January 2018. Direct preorder starts on the bands website on 6th December 2017 – limited fan editions also. Worldwide distribution will be operated by Plastic Head Music Distribution (www.plastichead.com/) – the album will be available on all major digital platforms!

DALRIADA veröffentlichen Albumdetails zu "Nyárutó"

DALRIADA veröffentlichen Albumdetails zu „Nyárutó“

1. Megöltek egy legényt
2. Hollórege
3. Táltosok álma
4. Nyárutó
5. Búsirató
6. Thury György Balladája 1. rész
7. Laus Deo
8. Thury György Balladája 2. rész
9. Komámasszon
10. Áldja meg az Isten
11. Hajnali

Nyárutó is going to be the 8th studio album of the ultimate Hungarian folk metal band, Dalriada. Album title refers to the folkish name of the month August – following the traditions as every Dalriada album dedicated to a month in line.



One unified, ambitious, in terms of its musical keys something similar to the previous records’ vehement wildness album was born, which is still deeply interlaced by the power and effect of the Hungarian folk music and cultural patrimony.

Amongst the covered themes there’s one saga from Szent István’s period (the founding of the hungarian state) but ancient Hungarian folk tales, a song about the medieval witch trials, some tracks in remembrance of the “hungarian El Cid”, Thury György (“turkish beater valiant”) also can be found.

Fajkusz Banda – the internationally well-known folk band – played a very important role again as with their authentic hungarian strings music they helped to deepen Nyárutó albums folk music bondings. Album artwork by long time Dalriada design artist Lakihegyi-Binder Júlia.

Dalriada inked new international booking deal with RTA – Rising Talent Agency (The Vision Blea, Draconian, Amberian Dawn, Wisdom, Manegarm, Helrunar etc.) , – a division of RTN-Touring (Alestorm, Korpiklaani, Arkona, Heidevolk, Borknagar, Kamelot, Korpiklaani, Mayhem, Moonspell, TYR, Wintersun, Hypocrisy etc.) in 2017!


2017 was an eventful year for the band: 70000 tons (Cripper Award win), Metalfest Open Air Plzeň, Durbuy Rock Festival, Cernunnos Pagan Fest and more to come in 2018! Leyendas del Rock festival appearance (as the first ever hungarian band to play the legendary spanish metal festival) already announced – now we are happy to confirm Hungarys leading folk metal act, Dalriada’s first ever gig in Sweden – after many gigs together on festivals in Hungary – the band will play on the very own festival of Sweden’s finest metal band: Sabaton. Sabaton Open Air will take place in Falun, 15 to 18 august 2018




Upcoming shows:
– 2017, november 4, La Guerre des Gaules Festival ,Liege, Belgium
– 2017, november 18, Tanzt! Festivall, München, Németország
– 2018, august Leyendas Del Rock, Spain
– 2018 august 15-18 Sabaton Open Air / Falun, Sweden, Sabaton-Land

WEB: www.dalriada.hu
FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/Dalriadahu/
RTA: www.rising-talent-agency.com/artists/dalriada



Pressemitteilung: NAIL Records Promotion

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