Dawning, the forthcoming new album from Nashville Metal Squad DARK HOUND is now streaming in its entirety, five days prior to release date. Visit the following link to stream it: soundcloud.com/darkhoundnashville/sets/dark-hound-dawning-full-album

Nashville? Yes. Country music? Not even close. Pure, powerful, and undeniably metallic, DARK HOUND have upped the ante with forthcoming album Dawning, which will be released January 19, 2018.

Pre-order Dawning: darkhound.bandcamp.com/album/dawning

Following in the sizable footsteps of their 2014 self-titled debut and 2015 EP Oceans, Tennessee’s resident Heavy Metal torchbearers have pulled out all the stops with Dawning. Eschewing genre-blending pablum and trend-hopping futility, the new album finds DARK HOUND proudly display influences from the likes of MEGADETH, IRON MAIDEN, and TESTAMENT without falling victim to uninspired mimicry. Rather, Dawning lands repeated punches to the cranium and leaves memorable marks with its compelling compositions in a way that is familiar, yet refreshing and even unique. Put simply, this is well-written, muscular U.S. Metal in all its fiery glory!

„Like Megadeth? Like King Diamond? Like music that is just pure metal with no unnecessary bull? If you answered yes to all of these questions then you are sure to like Dark Hound.“
– Skulls N Bones

„Inspired by early thrash bands like Testament & Megadeth, Dark Hound have crafted a bouncy & thrilling modern metal record.“
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

„Dawning is a gritty, always charging kind of release that mashes the pedal through the floor, never to look back.“
– Cadaver Garden

„Melodic thrash with a 90’s groove metal veneer that teeters between alternative metal [and] progressive thrash. One of the more successfully melodic thrash-related albums I’ve heard in a few years.“
– Grizzly Butts

„Firm heavy metal with a progressive twist. The inventive and sometimes sinister sounds heard on ‚Dawning‘ are quite cool.“
– Lords of Metal

„Pantera meets Progressive Metal comes to mind.“
– Metal Underground.at

„A well-groomed Melodic Thrash disc.“
– Hellfire Magazin

DARKHOUND's 'Dawning' Album Streaming in its Entirety

DARKHOUND’s ‚Dawning‘ Album Streaming in its Entirety

Track Listing:

1. The Ashes of Your Worth
2. Guilt Tripper
3. Carnival of Youth
4. The Answer
5. Crisis of Hope
6. Thrown to the Wolves
7. Stripped Away
8. Balancing Act
9. The Jagged Edge
10. Thrashgasm
11. Here Lies Truth

ET Brown – Vocals/Bass
Evan Hensley – Guitars
Preston Walls – Guitars
Josh Brown – Drums

Since releasing their first album in 2014, Dark Hound has been building a name for themselves in the Nashville metal scene through blistering live performances and uncompromisingly adventurous songcraft. Comprised of ET Brown (vocals/bass), Evan Hensley (guitars), Preston Walls (guitars) and Josh Brown (drums), Dark Hound followed up their full-length debut with the well-received ‚Oceans‘ EP in 2015. And now, the group is poised to bring about their finest hour with the release of ‚Dawning‘, a new offering containing 11 tracks of the band’s most intense and ambitious material to date. Focused yet unbridled and armed with a new statement, Dark Hound is charging ahead in their pursuit to kick asses, melt faces, and lay waste.

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