Hell yes, the erotic metal legend is back ! Germany’s dirtiest Death Metal ensemble recorded a brand new album named „A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever“, a musical and lyrical journey back to the 70’s erotic adventures and pleasures.

DEAD composed 8 new songs full of rage, pain and desire. Back to the band’s filthy grindy roots. Higly recommended for fans of DEAD’s early works and their Austrian colleagues PUNGENT STENCH. The album includes also 2 coverversions of PLASMATICS and THE SONICS.

The amazing coverart shows a cute couple in love, shortly before the mating.

„A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever“ will be released July 7th. on CD and Digital Download by FDA Records/ Soulfood Music.

Track listing:
01. Good To Be Back
02. Snakey Brown
03. Call Of Beauty
04. Ass Metal
05. Butcher Baby
06. Risking The Beer MILF
07. Easy Meat
09. A Dirty Mind Is A Joy Forever
10. The Witch + Outro