Decibel has premiered a new song from Keys to the Mysteries Beyond, the forthcoming album from Swedish Black Metal band GRAFVITNIR. Stream „Eye of Lucifer“ at:

Track Premiere: Grafvitnir – ‘Eye of Lucifer’

GRAFVITNIR will release Keys to the Mysteries Beyond December 15 on Carnal Records. Promo videos for „Nidhögg“ and „Vargavinter“ are available here and here, respectively.

The driving force behind the band is, and has always been, Occultism and the never-ending quest for the enigmatic emerald of Lucifer. Just like razor sharp claws of a Werewolf move and twists against whirling moonlit Night Skies, the ice-cold blades of Occultism will tear the illusion of the demiurg’s false Creation apart and fiercely widen the cracks and crevices to the ancient kingdom of Beyond.

With the band’s fifth album, GRAFVITNIR are back from the frostbitten shadows of Scandinavia to eternally ignite the concealed spiritual Fire of the descendants of the Serpent, and to obtain the ancient Keys to the Mysteries Beyond.

„For those who like their black metal as cold as the northern winds, Keys to the Mysteries Beyond will be a winner.“
– Decibel

„Ten violent and malicious tracks. Keys to the Mysteries Beyond is an unrelenting and unforgiving release.“
– Cadaver Garden

„Hard-hitting, raw & bitterly cold filled blackened metal.“
– Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

„Coldness and wickedness. The real black metal is this.“
– Long Live Rock N Roll

„If you are a fan of raw and melodic occult black metal, you should check out this album.“
– Occult Black Metal Zine

Decibel Premieres New GRAFVITNIR Track: "Eye of Lucifer"

Decibel Premieres New GRAFVITNIR Track: „Eye of Lucifer“

Track Listing

1. Nidhögg
2. Key to the Mysteries Beyond
3. Vargavinter
4. Crossing the Abyss
5. Eternity’s Glistening Black
6. Journey into Storms
7. Unleash the Storm of Nothingness
8. Eye of Lucifer
9. Whispers of the Primordial Sea
10. Glimpses of the Unseeable


Front cover artwork „Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni“ by Daniele Valeriani
Cauldron by Daniele Valeriani
Reaper by Gustave Doré
Design by O.O.
Fiercely recorded during the freezing winter of 2017

Music & Lyrics by Niantiel, except for the tracks ‚Crossing the Abyss‘ and ‚Journey into Storms‘
composed by Chadwick St. John for Grafvitnir
and the tracks ‚Nidhögg‘ and ‚Vargavinter‘
Lyrical contribution by Draugr
Mixed & produced by Niantiel
Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson, Endarker Studio Sweden

GRAFVITNIR is a ferocious Black Metal band from the dark forests of Sweden, formed in 2007. The group has previously released four full-length albums titled NâHash, Semen Serpentis, Necrosophia and Obeisance to a Witch Moon, and a cassette named Vessels of Serpent Fire. The first was released as a CD 2009 by Serpent Fire Productions and then re-released as a Picture LP 2012, by Drapskunst Records, the label that also released the Vessels of Serpent Fire cassette in 2013. The remaining albums have been released by Carnal Records and Daemon Worship Productions, respectively.


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