GENRE: Death Metal
ORIGIN: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Eternal Torment’s brand of brutal death metal consists of weaving technical guitar riffs, relentless drumming, pounding bass lines and truly ferocious vocals to create a devastating fully automatic assault reminiscent of many influences ranging from classic 80’s to current death metal bands.

Eternal Torment’s unique combination of raw unprocessed sounds, unrelenting rhythms and instrumental attack appeases the stringent demands of heaviness, originality, complexity, speed and precision insisted upon by avid death metal lovers, yet catchy memorable songs that intrigue the listeners of all metal genres. The band’s live show is authentic and engaging, their recordings are technically rich and their live sound is captured brilliantly in extreme hi-fi, almost as if your standing right at the front of the stage, defying the listeners pre-conceived notions about the age-old genre typically renowned in the past for low-fi, inaccessible recordings.

Eternal Torment "Blind to Reality"

Eternal Torment „Blind to Reality“


Pressemitteilung: AGAINST PR

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