„Our album deals with remembering lost things, and also before the song is a memo in itself. Memories, however, are perishable and susceptible to forgetting and distortion. To emphasize the longing for song lyrics that has already been etched with great singing, I wanted to bring another tangible, unchanging dimension to remember – a picture“, Nino Hynninen says.

Doom / Post-metal band HANGING GARDEN has released the latest video for ‚Ennen‘ of the critically acclaimed album „I Am Become“ which came out October last year.

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeimZV6J0WY

Riina Riekkola, a sign language student, made a sign language translation of the song and presented her beautiful and captivating interpretation of the video. In addition, Helmi Koivumäki features the first live show of the song.

Finnish Doomsters HANGING GARDEN release new video!

Finnish Doomsters HANGING GARDEN release new video!

„I Am Become“ out now on Lifeforce Records


Press Release: Lifeforce Records

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