FROST GIANT to release The Harlot Star via Transcending Records; Band launches animated video for „Prisoner of the Past“

Ugly, frost-bitten, troll-ravaged folk-metallers FROST GIANT will unleash a new beast in 2018.

Transcending Records is gearing up for the release of The Harlot Star, an 11 track salute to the glory of battle from one of folk metal’s most unique and entertaining bands. FROST GIANT’s third full-length is a catchy mix of 90’s So-Cal punk, European folk metal and American hardcore rooted in Norse mythology, historical references and general silliness.

Ahead of the album’s release, FROST GIANT offers the animated video for „Prisoner of the Past.“

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Decibel Magazine recently posted a stream of album track „Forgive Me Not“ as part of an interview with Transcending Records owner Mike Ramirez. The interview also features songs by Transcending Records artists TRANSYLVANIA STUD and MOUNTARIS.

Transcending Records will release The Harlot Star on January 19.

Inspired by Norse mythology, epic metal, punk rock, and combined with an American hardcore attitude, FROST GIANT drops an icy hammer on everything trendy and weak. The music pays no attention to boundaries, deliberately crossing genres and bringing them all together in one truly unique sound. From the mead-hall sing along choruses to the shredding melodic death metal passages laced with tortured growls and screams, from the pounding double bass to the pop-punk riffs that linger for days, FROST GIANT’s music journeys through stories and lore, bringing to light the tales of old in a modern folk-metal context.

Whether they be warm memories of hearth and home, heroic sagas, or tragic remembrances, the songs will carve these colorful volumes into the soul of anyone whose ears they touch.

FROST GIANT to release "The Harlot Star"

FROST GIANT to release „The Harlot Star“


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