Southern California Death Metal Veteranen GRAVEHILL haben das offizielle Musikvideo zu „Iron & Sulphur“ veröffentlicht. Der Song kommt von der neuesten Veröffentlichung der Band, The Unchaste, The Profane & the Wicked, jetzt auf Dark Descent Records.

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„This album is the sound of old-school lifers/voracious fans saluting their one and only artistic love. This is nuts 'n‘ bolts, meat 'n‘ potatoes, blue collar lunch bucket metal that prizes experience and lives spent collecting music and merch in pursuit of a regressive atmosphere. The phrase ‚regressive atmosphere‘ may, initially, sound disrespectfully negative; but for those looking for an antidote to the clean-room perfection that plagues present-day performance and sound, Gravehill's nod to the past is a sure bet.“
– Metal Injection

The Unchaste, the Profane & the Wicked sees Corpse relinquishing the bass to take over on vocals, replacing long-time GRAVEHILL growler Abominator. In addition to the switch on vocals, the band welcomes back former guitarist Bodybag Bob (ex-Exhumed) into the fold but this time he's on bass with Eldehelm taking over on guitar. The changes result in the band's best and most focused album to date. On The Unchaste, the Profane & the Wicked GRAVEHILL continues with their „no gimmicks“ brand of death metal with promises only to lay waste to your speakers. Album artwork by Mark Riddick.

In support of the album, GRAVEHILL will join IMPIETY and DIVINE EVE for the American Armageddon Tour 2018. Tour dates are as follows:

GRAVEHILL veröffentlicht Video zu "Iron & Sulphur"

GRAVEHILL veröffentlicht Video zu „Iron & Sulphur“

04/04 – Phoenix, AZ
04/05 – Albuquerque, NM
04/06 – El Paso, TX
04/07 – Dallas, TX
04/08 – Austin, TX
04/09 – San Antonio, TX
04/10 – Houston, TX
04/11 – New Orleans, LA
04/12 – Birmingham, AL
04/13 – Nashville, TN
04/14 – Atlanta, GA
04/15 – Richmond, VA

04/16 – Philadelphia, PA
04/17 – NYC, NY
04/18 – Cleveland, OH
04/19 – Columbus, OH
04/20 – Chicago, IL
04/21 – Milwaukee, WI
04/22 – Rapid City, SD
04/23 – Denver, CO
04/24 – Salt Lake City, UT
04/25 – Portland, OR
04/26 – Oakland, CA
04/27 – Los Angeles, CA

Thorgrimm – Drums
Corpse – Vocals
Eldhelm – Guitars
Bodybag Bob – Bass
Hell Messiah – Guitars

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