(out on November 13th, 2017)

Hermetic black metal from the western forests of Cascadia, KABEXNUV present their grim sermons of minimalist Thelemic black metal. Hail the Children of Horus! Occultum Lux ad Infinitum. Founding Member of the Black Solar Order.

Kabexnuv is an atmospheric occult black metal band from the mountains of British Columbia, with lyrical content derived from the ancient texts of the elder gods. Ritualistic performances and deep, lush sonic landscapes are found on the new full-length album “Dzyan.”

The new full-length from Kabexnuv is a black metal sermon of the Book of Dzyan. Originally translated from the Ancient East by H.P. Blavatsky, Kabexnuv presents the musical accompaniment to the seven stanzas in this new offering of Black Metal Art. The music and lyrics are directly influenced by the corresponding stanzas to present this devotional Kosmic Black Metal ritual.


Kabexnuv "Dzyan”

Kabexnuv „Dzyan”


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