Title: Unrelenting Power
Country: Sweden
Style: Speed / Thrash Metal
Format: CD
Release date: December 15 2017

If your Metal heart is still craving the good old 80’s, you will bang your head to death with „Unrelenting Power“! KATACOMB, from Helsinki (Finland for the geographically impaired) is sounding like the bastard child from a threesome with the Canadian legends AGGRESSION, and the gods SLAYER and DARK ANGEL… in fact, you could melt these bands first albums into one and that would sound very close to this phenomenal debut that is „Unrelenting Power“! And you’d swear the singer was screaming for THE CRUMBSUCKERS in the past!!! Fast, guitar driven Speed thrash metal with a seriously killing and genuine production… KATACOMB is not giving up, its pounding its way through your skull and just won’t let the fuck go! Heavy, catchy and superbly produced: This album is a must! Order it now!

Recommended for fans of AGGRESSION(Can), SLAYER, DARK ANGEL, RAZOR …

KATACOMB - Unrelenting Power CD (PRC MUSIC 15 December 2017)

KATACOMB – Unrelenting Power CD (PRC MUSIC 15 December 2017)

Tracks listing:

01.The Entrance (intro) 01:23
02.Leprotic Nightmare 02:48
03.Spiritual emptiness 05:04
04.Rising from the tombs 04:00
05.Schock Combat 03:48
06.Speed of Light 03:15
07.The Curse 04:43
08.Overdose 02:27
09.Into the Katacomb 08:27


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