8 new songs plus Intro full of intensity, feeling and brutality, with no doubt their best material to date. The new album called „The Occult Mastery“ sounds catchy as hell and invites you to a journey back to the glory days of classic Death Metal.
This album is simply a pure masterpiece of Swedish sounding Death Metal and highly recommended for fans of pure classic Death Metal how it was meant to be.

Marc (ArtWars Mediadesign), the guitarist and singer himself is responsible for the great coverartwork.

„The Occult Mastery“ will be out July 7th. on CD/ltd.DIGI/Digital Download by FDA Records/ Soulfood Music. The vinyl version crawls out of the dark on August 11st. as a special for the mighty Party San Open Air !

Track listing:
01. Prelude Kali Yuga
02. The Occult Mastery
03. Progenies Of A Cursed Seed
04. From Chaos Our Order Shall Rise
05. Delusions Of Grandeur
06. Rites Of Desolation
07. Interlude Dystopia
08. Insanity Reigns
09. Throes Of Dawn