taken from: The Witch-hunt
release date: September 27th 2013
by: FDA Rekotz
on: CD/LP/Download


Death Metal pioneers MASTER opens the rotten coffin for the band’s landmark 12th full-length album „The Witchhunt“, which is scheduled for September 27th. on CD and LP. Featuring 11 new stunning trax of rotten classic death metal, catchy and varied in the American way, the classic way death metal was meant to be. Thick, massive production to demonstrate superb songwriting and musicianship. MASTER is back in best shape since years and with „The Witchhunt“ they wrote another death metal milestone, build their own monument to the next level. The album comes with fantastic artwork by ArtWars Mediadesign.

Track listing
01- The Witchhunt
02- Plans of Hate
03- Another Suicide
04- Waiting to Die
05- The Parable
06- God of Thunder
07- Remove the Clowns
08- Raise your Sword
09- Wipe out the Aggressor
10- Manipulated to Exterminate
11- The American Dream