A brand new song from Spain’s ATARAXY is now streaming! „One Last Certainty“ is taken from forthcoming Dark Descent Records album When All Hope Fades and can be streamed at the links below.

North American Premiere (English)

European Premiere (Spanish):

Dark Descent Records will release When All Hope Fades on CD, cassette and digital on February 16. Vinyl treatment coming through Me Saco Un Ojo Records. Pre-orders are available through the Dark Descent Store and Bandcamp.

With a certain maturity and poise, a sense of deep-set misery almost pushes the record into death-doom territory. Almost…but not quite. The sound remains tensely energetic, albeit with a sense of space, time and songcraft which is more impressive than ever.

Gruesomely textured wraith-like melodies intertwine monstrously hammering double-bass rhythms, the delicate interplay of guitar harmonies threading a perfect line between devious subtlety and straight-ahead bludgeon.

Perhaps above all else, the gasping tortured vocals imbue a horrific terror upon the listener. It is the sum of all parts which so masterfully elevate Ataraxy above their peers. Few others have scaled such heights; in this timeless classic we witness a band enter the pantheon of death metal royalty.

Dark Descent Records premiered album track „Matter Lost in Time“ on the label’s most recent digital sampler. The nearly 11-minute exploration of doom-laden death metal immediately caught the attention of the press, including No Clean Singing, who described the song as „…spellbinding, in a chilling and disconcerting way – haunting, bleak, and heavy, with tendrils of uneasy but seductive melody that glide like serpents, seeping poison.“ Stream the track HERE.

„A thoughtful, brooding death/doom record from a band that is far more interested in finding the new somber rhythms of death metal without losing sight of the genre entirely.“
– Grizzly Butts

„Ataraxy absolutely nails an atmosphere that few bands can create. It is a chilling feel caused by dissonant riffs (both distorted and otherwise).“
– Skull Fracturing Metal

ATARAXY to release "When All Hope Fades" in February via Dark Descent Records

ATARAXY to release „When All Hope Fades“ in February via Dark Descent Records



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