After the music video for the song „We Are the End“, XENOKORP is proud to unleash the brand new lyrics video for „As Their Bodies Fall“ lyrics video by USA’s SKINNED from their fifth full-length, „Shadow Syndicate“ set for release on May 4 through XENOKORP.

The video, features Josh Welshman of DEFEATED SANITY as special guest vocalist and was directed by Paul McGuire of CEREBRAL BORE who also wrote the lyrics for the song.

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After more than 20 years at it, four albums and countless gigs and tours worldwide with some of the most recognized of their peers (KATAKLYSM, INCANTATION, DEFEATED SANITY…), USA’s SKINNED are back with their brand new full-length, “Shadow Syndicate“, again produced by Dave OTERO(CATTLE DECAPITATION, CEPHALIC CARNAGE…) resulting in what’s definitely an ambitious and outstanding landmark release of the band’s discography.

Aside from the great musicianship and production, the mastery achieved here is the ability that SKINNEDhave to channel all of their inspiration, musically and lyrically, to create an atmosphere of doom and darkness throughout the album to create a fiery and fierce release that’s diverse yet coherent, dense yet atmospheric and all the while brutal and melodic at the same time.

Varied in shapes and moods, “Shadow Syndicate” (featuring among others guest vocals by Josh WELSHMAN (DEFEATED SANITY…) and guest lyrics by Paul McGUIRE (CEREBRAL BORE…), is the kind of work of art that’s much more than a collection of tracks: it’s a world in itself where each song explores a different aspect of dark beliefs (conspiracy theories, unsolved mysteries…), the whole creating a society of extreme darkness under the domination of the New World Order where the citizens become cattle for the governments and guinea pigs for alien entities, etc. ultimately leading our specie to its demise, the face under the merciless boot of the… “Shadow Syndicate“!


• 1000 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first print
• Digital

• Guest vocals by Josh Welshman (DEFEATED SANITY…) on „As Their Bodies Fall“
• Guest lyrics by Paul McGuire (CEREBRAL BORE…) for „As Their Bodies Fall“
• „We Are the End“ music video already available
• „We Are the End“ digital single already available for FREE download
• European tour with LEGENDARY headliner this Summer!

• 2015 – Create Malevolence
• 2012 – Isolating the Gene
• 2010 – Contortion of Reality [EP]
• 2008 – Morbid Token of Perversion and Homicide
• 2005 – Spawn of Insanity
• 2003 – Grimoires [compilation]

• John Meyer – Vocals
• Travis Weickum – Guitars & Vocals
• Adam Quijano – Guitars (now)
• Matt Ackerman – Guitars (on the album)
• Greg Keenan – Bass
• Connor McLaughlin – Drums (now)
• Jonathan Valdez – Drums (on the album)


Press Release: XENOKORP Records

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