Delligsen / Germany: Initialized by German songwriter / producer duo Marc Vanderberg and Thorsten Eligehausen, Germany’s promising newcomer rock act `Toxic Violet Inc.` releases its first single. The rock duet, sung by Chris Divine and Tave Wanning, was written by Vanderberg and produced by Eligehausen for his label DarkSIGN Records.

After the joint Industrial Metal project `Eli van Pike‘ Vanderberg and Eligehausen enter new musical territory with the new project ‚Toxic Violet Inc.‘. „With` This Romance`, a duet that sounds like a hit has emerged, which in our view has the potential to appeal to a much broader audience“, says Vanderberg. „The catchy melody and the perfectly orchestrated vocal performance of Chris Divine and Tave Wanning underline the radio capability of the song“, said Eligehausen. „We spent about three months on `This Romance`. Again and again, we questioned and adapted the song structure and production until we were finally 100 percent satisfied“, Vanderberg describes the development process. „Feedback from our test listeners has strengthened our opinion of the song. The feedback was very positive”, adds Eligehausen.

The song is now available in all major internet and streaming portals

Newcomer Rock Act `Toxic Violet Inc.` releases first single `This Romance`

Newcomer Rock Act `Toxic Violet Inc.` releases first single `This Romance`



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