– Biography – Noydem –
NOYDEM is a rock band founded in 2011 hailing from Paris. It is composed of four members : a singer/guitarist, a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. NOYDEM defines its musical style as modern rock with electro hints. In 2012, NOYDEM releases its first EP (The Landing), its first album two years later, and finally a new EP (A Time Will Come) in 2017. A palpable dynamism arises on stage at each appearance of the band, that is undoubtedly a sure bet for the current rock scene.

– Synopsis – A Time Will Come –
A Time Will Come is the second EP of NOYDEM. It reflects the will of the band to get back to a more rock approach, compared to its previous album. This EP expresses the feeling of people struck with ostracism in today’s society. The track « Bring Me Down », for example, deals with the radicalization of a teenager, whereas « Welcome Home » is a message of hope for the ones who focus on their issues and close their eyes upon the positive things that surround them.

NOYDEM (Alternative Rock) / New EP "A Time Will Come" out

NOYDEM (Alternative Rock) / New EP „A Time Will Come“ out


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