Orion Dust is a French rock/progressive rock band. Modern time storytellers, sonic painters, they release their first effort „Duality“ in March 2017. The album is such a success than by the month of September, it’s already sold out. The band thus decides to re-release it on the 19th of January 2018. If you haven’t discovered them yet, now is the time !

The album takes us, throughout the songs, to different places, different times, different stories. These stories, while separate, follow the same red line, telling the progression of a single character in a universe of introspection.

They tell the sorrows, the pain, the complexity of human being, and the descent into hell of our main character.

A fight against himself and against the world around him, in order not to fall into madness and depression.

ORION DUST (Progressive Rock ) - 'Duality' album re-release !

ORION DUST (Progressive Rock ) – ‚Duality‘ album re-release !


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