Officially launched 05 May Day 2017, the debut album of the group Quintessente, „Songs From Celestial Spheres“, has received to this day much praise by several musical layers that are proposed in the musicality of the group. Elements of Death, Heavy, Dark, Doom and Gothic are present in the harmonies created, giving the album a unique authenticity and extraordinary quality.

Another important factor in if take into consideration is the letters submitted within the work „Songs From Celestial Spheres“. The central ideas addressing the relationship between man and heaven, using of cosmology, beliefs and past references. The band presents a conceptual work which studies the evolution of the universe and the individual in your all, worrying so much about the origin and evolution itself.

After releasing the concept of the first three songs on the disc, now the Quintessente discloses the idea behind the song „My Last Oath“, the fourth track on the album. Approach is the search for the man in your reconciliation with the spirit in which the same lying near the end and sees their reflections on what has been and is being lived, leading to a thorough evaluation and a private trial. The band raises a question of how to face and meet their own ghosts and how their fears give way to a possibility of change, until you come to repentance, through the examination of conscience and culminating in your own resilience.

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The album „Songs From Celestial Spheres“ is available for purchase and physics also available for audition in main Streaming platforms. Interested in purchasing a copy, just contact the band by social networks.

André Carvalho-Vocals
Cristiano Dias-Guitar
Cristina Müller-Keyboards/Vocals
Leo Birigui – Drums
Luiz Fernando de Paula – bass

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Quintessente: introduces the concept of "My Last Oath"

Quintessente: introduces the concept of „My Last Oath“


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