The Mothership Rotten Roll Rex is proud to present a very special record from one of the most distinctive acts in the Grind/Death world. Hailing from Portugal, Serrabulho were crafted in 2010, and with just one album entitled „Ass Troubles“ (which was released via Vomit Your Shirt & Rotten Roll Rex on 2013), they have become one of the most active bands in the scene and now they’re back with their sophomore album „Star Whores“.




1. Pornocchio
2. Congro
3. Buttman
4. Pentilhoni nu Culhoni
5. Happy Fornication
6. Peidinho Ron Ron
7. Star Whores
8. Testicular Torsion
9. Vaseline
10. Life of a Penis
11. Caguei na Betoneira
12. B.O.O.B.S. [Best Objects of Baby Sucking]
13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Gang Bang Edition]

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