Finally, SLAUGHTERDAY’s debut album „Nightmare Vortex“ will be unleashed from the dark on December 6th. as CD, LP and Download versions. Insane cosmic Death Metal somewhere between Autopsy’s „Mental Funeral“ and Hypocrisy’s „Penetralia“. Stunning guitar melodies, brutal bass lines, hellish vocals and everything destroying drums, sometimes fast and furious, othertime crawling all crushingly. Do not miss this masterpiece of classic Death Metal.

Track listing:
01 Unearthly Evocation
02 Nightmare Vortex
03 Addicted To The Grave
04 Cosmic Horror
05 Morbid Shroud Of Sickness
06 Cult Of The Dreaming Dead
07 Obsessed With The Undead
08 Cryptic Desolation
09 The Ghoul (Pentagram Cover) *LP bonus track