JAIMI FAULKNER – Neues Album am 25.08. und Tourdaten
MAKE THEM SUFFER – „Worlds Apart“: Neues Album am 28. Juli / „Fireworks“: 1. Song online
PACESHIFTERS – „Stranger“: Neues Musikvideo / Neues Album Ende 2017 auf Hassle Records!
PRISM TATS – „The Liar“: Neues Musikvideo
RANCID – Album VÖ heute
ROZWELL KID – Neues Video ?Wendy´s Thrash Can“
SAM ALONE – Neues Video / Tourdaten
SON LITTLE – Neues Album „New Magic“ im September / 1. Single „Blue Magic (Waikiki)


JAIMI FAULKNER – Neues Album am 25.08. und Tourdaten

Neues JAIMI FAULKNER Album “Back Road“ am 25.08.2017 ( Make My Day Rec / Indigo)
Erster Song “I Can’t Hold On“ als Instant Grat verfügbar, ausführliche Tour ab September

I Can’t Hold On

Am 25.08.2017 erscheint „BACK ROAD“ das vierte europäische Album des australischen Künstlers JAIMI FAULKNER.

Das erste, bei dem er alleine für Aufnahme und Produktion verantwortlich war. Nach dem eher pop-orientierten „Up All Night“ (2015) markiert die neue Scheibe die Rückkehr zum Roots Rock’n’Roll und Americana, die sein früheres Werk kennzeichneten. Auf „Back Road“ kommt zum ersten Mal auch Faulkners langjährige Begleitband mit Leon Den Engelsen an Klavier und Hammondorgel, Judith Renkema am Bass und Luuk Adams am Schlagzeug richtig zur Geltung.

Anfang November 2016 zogen Jaimi und Band, samt Equipment und Jaimis mobilem Studio, für zwei Wochen in ein altes Bauernhaus nahe Bremen ein. Sämtliche Songs wurden live in einem Raum mit nur minimalen Overdubs eingespielt und das gesamte Album war in nur zwei Wochen im Kasten. Das Ergebnis reflektiert die entspannte Atmosphäre im Studio und strahlt unverkennbares Live-Feeling aus.

Das Album erscheint als CD, Vinyl (Gatefold) und digital. (Make My Day Records / Indigo)

Präsentiert von Guitar, Kulturnews, Classic Rock, Musix
Ticketlink: www.jaimifaulkner.com/tour

21st Sept – Frankfurt – Elfer Club
22nd Sept – Backnang – Hofgut Hagenbach
23rd Sept- Düsseldorf – The Tube
24th Sept – Amsterdam – Paradiso
30th Sept – Schneverdingen – FZB Jugendzentrum
1st Oct – Hamburg – Birdland
2nd Oct – Kiel – Kulturforum
7th Oct – Hannover – Alter Bahnhof Anderten
8th Oct – Dortmund – Piano
12th Oct – Berlin – Auster Club
13th Oct – Fürstenwalde – Kulturfabrik Fürstenwalde
14th Oct – Ludwigsfelde – Klubhaus Ludwigsfelde
15th Oct – Private Concert
18th Oct – Ingolstadt – Neue Welt
19th Oct – Villingen – Die Scheuer
20th Oct – Dachau – Kulturschranne
21st Oct – Wendelstein – Jegelscheune
22nd Oct – Theaterwerkstatt – Schwäbisch Gmünd
27th Oct – Utrecht – Tivoli
29th Oct – Amen – Cafe de Amer
31st Oct – Nijmegen – Merleyn
2nd Nov – Cologne – Blue Shell
3rd Nov – Groningen – Simplon
4th Nov – Tilburg – Paradox


MAKE THEM SUFFER – „Worlds Apart“: Neues Album am 28. Juli / „Fireworks“: 1. Song online

Die Australier MAKE THEM SUFFER kündigen ihr neues Album „Worlds Apart“ für den 28. Juli auf Rise Records an!

Pünktlich dazu gibt es mit „Fireworks“ den ersten Eindruck auf das neue Release mit dem passenden Video.

„‚Worlds Apart‘ represents a new era for MAKE THEM SUFFER“, sagt Sänger der Band Sean Harmanis.

„We’ve taken risks in songwriting and production; this album is a reminder to ourselves that change and growth are good things. It’s tough to say so early, but I think „World’s Apart“ is an album that will be in your stereo for quite some time“, fügt er hinzu.

„WORLDS APART“ Tracklist:
1. „First Movement“
2. „Uncharted“
3. „Grinding Teeth“
4. „Vortex“
5. „Fireworks“
6. „Contact“
7. „Power Overwhelming“
8. „Midnight Run“
9. „Dead Plains“
10. „Save Yourself“

„Worlds Apart“ ist ab sofort vorbestellbar.

Weitere Informationen:


PACESHIFTERS – „Stranger“: Neues Musikvideo / Neues Album Ende 2017 auf Hassle Records!

Das neueste Signing auf dem Label Hassle Records PACESHIFTERS veröffentlicht ein neues Session-Video zu dem Song „Stranger“, das im GieSound Studio aufgezeichnet wurde.

Gitarrist/Sänger Seb Dokman kommentiert den Song wie folgt:

„Stranger is a song about my ex-girlfriend. I was struggling with that situation for quite a while. After I sang the first take Chris came up to me and we talked for a while, that really helped, because all the emotions that I felt while writing the song came back to me. Listening back to how I did the first take and the second was a huge difference. Needless to say that second take was way better. Recording an album or song is all about creating the right atmosphere to offer the best take you can.”

Ende des Jahres wird das Grunge/Indie-Rock-Trio ihr neues Album „Waiting To Derail“ auf Hassle Records veröffentlichen.

Über eine Verbreitung des Videos würde ich mich freuen! Weitere Informationen in der Pressemitteilung:

Alternative rock outfit Paceshifters have released a live in session video of their latest single ‚Stranger‘ ahead of a busy summer of festival appearances, as well as a one-off headline show at The Black Heart in London where they will be joined by supports LTNT and Grounds. Tickets for this debut London headline show are on sale now, and available HERE.

Filmed and recorded live at GieSound Studio in Zwolle, Netherlands, the video offers a glimpse of the Dutch trio’s impressive live sound, which they have honed through extensive European touring and a number of high-profile festival performances at the likes of Groezrock, Pinkpop, Exit, Rock for People and SXSW.

Watch ‘Stranger’ live in session.

The single version of ‚Stranger‘ is available as a free download.

Inspired by the grunge movement that shook the foundations of alternative music, Paceshifters bring an innovative twist on the genre whilst also boasting the complete unadulterated attitude that it was renowned for.

Possessing a no-nonsense mentality since their inception, Paceshifters have evolved into a devoutly passionate new grunge-rock band with a sound that is sure to enthrall any listener who enjoys the heavier side of Nirvana with doses of powerful Incubus-esque melodies and riffs along with the grit and energy of Chevelle. However, drawing comparisons doesn’t do Paceshifters justice, where the band exhibit their gifted uniqueness in spades throughout new album Waiting To Derail, due for release this autumn via their new label Hassle Records – their first on the label and first dedicated release outside of their native Netherlands.

More details on Waiting to Derail will be revealed very soon.



PRISM TATS – „The Liar“: Neues Musikvideo

Los Angeles based Prism Tats (the project of South African transplant Garett van der Spek) quietly unveiled a brand new two-song single last week, featuring the fuzzed-out rocker “The Liar” and harmony-drenched B-side “Apples”.

Today we have the video for “The Liar” by acclaimed photographer Dan Monick – which is a surprisingly disturbing visual metaphor about the themes of the song.

Explains van der Spek:

“’The Liar’ was originally written to describe how fear can sometimes obscure reality. But it’s now taken on a broader more topical interpretation by some first listeners… It’s a song I’ve been working on for a while that has unexpectedly become weirdly relevant in this era of fact and fiction being so easily blurred.

“I had the absolute pleasure of recording these new songs with Chris Woodhouse, who helped me take ”The Liar” in particular to a bigger, tougher sonic space than what I’ve previously been able to do recording myself.

“Dan Monick is responsible for the video in which my discomfort aims to entertain. Although it may not seem like I am enjoying myself, I discovered that having one’s head bound with elastic bands is surprisingly relaxing.”

Watch the video for „The Liar“

For more information on Prism Tats


RANCID – Album VÖ heute !

Die kalifornische Punk-Ikonen RANCID veröffentlichen heute ihr neuens Studioalbum ?Trouble Maker“ (Hellcat Records/Epitaph).

Einen Eindruck bekommt man anhand folgender 2 Live- Performance Videos:

?Telegraph Avenue“

?Ghost of A Chance“

Live wird die Band um Tim Armstrong und Lars Frederiksen im Juni die Bühnen des Hurricane/Southside Festivals rocken:

23.06.17: Hurricane Festival
24.06.17: Southside Festival

Rancid Trouble Maker Track List:
01. Track Fast
02. Ghost of a Chance
03. Telegraph Avenue
04. An Intimate Close Up Of A Street Punk Trouble Maker
05. Where I’m Going
06. Buddy
07. Farewel Lola Blue
08. All American Neighborhood
09. Bovver Rock and Roll
10.Make it Out Alive
11. Molly Make Up Your Mind
12. I Got Them Blues Again
13. Beauty of the Pool Hall
14. Say Goodbye to Our Heroes
15. I Kept a Promise
16. Cold Cold Blood
17. This is Not the End
18. We Arrived On Time (bonus)
19. Go On Rise Up (bonus)


ROZWELL KID – Neues Video ?Wendy´s Thrash Can“

Am 23.06. erscheint auf SideOneDummy Records das neue ROZWELL KID Album „Precious Art“ .

Ab sofort steht das neue Video zu ?Wendy´s Thrash Can“ online, ein zehnstündiger Loop, in dem ein Mann nach einem Autounfall flieht und in verschiedenen Welten auftaucht:

?Wendy´s Thrash Can“ Video

Fans von Weezer, Dinosaur Jr, Joyce Manor, The Darkness etc. werden auch an dem an der US-Alternative/Pop-Punk Band Ihre Freude haben.

Das Lyric-Video zur ersten Single-Auskopplung ?Uhf on DVD“ gibt es hier zu sehen.


SAM ALONE – Neues Video / Tourdaten

Anfang letzten Jahres erschien das SAM ALONE & THE GRAVEDIGGERS Debüt mit dem schicken Titel „Tougher Than Leather“ auf People Like You Records.

Das Solo-Album des Devil in Me Sängers aus Portugal überzeugt mit 11 rauhen Folk-Rock-Punk Perlen, die Fans von Gaslight Anthem, Bruce Springsteen oder auch Frank Turner nur zu empfehlen sind.

Passend zu der anstehenden Deutschland-Tour, steht mit „Crucify“ ein brandneues Video online.

01.07.17 (DE) Giebelstadt – Mission Ready Festival
02.07.17 (CH) Zürich – Dynamo
05.07.17 (DE) Hannover – Bei Chez Heinz
06.07.17 (DE) Trier – Ex Haus
08.07.17 (DE) Prölsdorf – Krach am Bach
08.07.17 (DE) Lindau – Stadtfest
12.08.17 (DE) Vilmar – Tells Bells Festival
14.08.17 (AT) Schwanenstadt – Wild Austria Festival
18.08.17 (DE) Frankfurt – Nachtleben
19.08.17 (DE) Saarwellingen – Akustik Open

2 weitere Videos:
„Believers And Renegades“

„Tougher Than Leather“

Poli Correia’s (aka Sam Alone) music is a way to tell heartfelt stories about ordinary people that all of us can relate to: about growing up, everyday struggles and everyday heroes. For SAM ALONE & THE GRAVEDIGGERS he is armed with his “Working Class Rifle”, an old, rugged guitar, and accompanied by The Gravediggers, a group of likeminded people that share the same vision of playing handmade “music for the people” that is deeply rooted in folk and classic protest songs, but coming with a fresh and contemporary edge. The heavily tattooed singer and guitarist, who was nominated as the personality to watch out for in music in 2016 by the weekly Notícias Magazine in Portugal, is no newbie in the international music world. Together with guitarist Pedro Matos he is regularly touring the globe with the hardcore band Devil In Me. While their alter ego as Devil In Me is a lot louder the message is the same for both creative collectives: keeping a positive attitude while expressing the frustration about social injustices and ultimately striving for the world to become a better place. The road, friends and family are some of the main influences for the six piece band coming from Portugal that is another perfect example that great talent is thriving everywhere.


SON LITTLE – Neues Album „New Magic“ im September / 1. Single „Blue Magic (Waikiki)

SON LITTLE kündigt für den 15.09. sein 2. Studio-Album ?NEW MAGIC“ auf ANTI- Records an. Nach seinem 2015er Debüt-Album (u.a. mit „Lay Down“ der bislang über 7 Millionen Mal auf Spotify aufgerufen wurde), folgten Tourneen mit Leon Bridges, Kelis, Mumford & Sons etc. und ein Grammy Award als Producer des Mavis Staples Songs “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.”

Der Soul-Sänger aus L.A. kombiniert leichtfüßig Soul, Pop, Gospel, mit Rock & Roll, Blues und Hip-Hop Sounds, oder wie NPR Music schrieb: “Son Little doesn’t strive to reproduce his influences; he recombines them into something new.”

Die erste Single „Blue Magic“ gibt es bereits zu hören.


Son Litte PR:

On the heels of his 2015 self-titled debut, Son Little found his reach steadily growing. His song “Lay Down” had been played over seven million times on Spotify, he toured with artists as diverse as Leon Bridges, Kelis, Mumford & Sons, and Shakey Graves and received a Grammy Award as producer of Mavis Staples’s “See That My Grave Is Kept Clean.”

But in the midst of all this Son Little says he craved an opportunity to sit and write a new album in a distinct, unified direction, one that would establish his place in the world of black music. “I was on the road so much and I couldn’t really find time or space to do it in the way I wanted,” Son Little says. “I had all these little fragments, thinking I would later piece them together. But I knew it would feel really luxurious to be able to sit down by myself and write something from scratch without being interrupted.”

Sometimes in order to see the stars, you have to get far away from the city lights. And in the fall of last year, Son Little found himself in such a place, at the end of a tour in the remote, tropical Northern Territory of Australia. “There were these big crocodiles and enormous bats, just wild things I’d never seen, he says. “And I set up in the hotel and just kinda followed the process. All the songs in Australia were written with one mic and an acoustic left-handed guitar I was playing upside-down that was borrowed from this blind Aboriginal musician named Gurrumul with this angelic voice.”

And so what is new magic? To Son Little, there is a feeling and attitude running through the music. And despite its mysterious origins, the musician’s divination ability is just that—divine. “There is this vein of the blues in it, and it can be distilled or boiled down just to the guitar and voice—or even just the voice,” Son Little says. “It’s that scenario of making something out of nothing. I can’t really explain it. That’s the gist of the magic. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s there, and I can call on it. I can call on it standing by the dresser, walking down the street, driving a car, on a train, a plane, in a hotel room, in the green room, during an interview…it’s just there. I’m trying to pay tribute to that fact. It’s had a really powerful and in some ways increasingly healing effect on my life. Hopefully other people have that experience with it as well. I’m just happy that it’s there, wherever it comes from.”

“Heartache never sounded this good.” – Vibe