November 17th the new DESPITE EXILE album „Relics“ drops, about time for some music! Ladies and gentlemen, ‚Introspector‘ is here!

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Relics do not need not be, or sound antiquated, but can also be presented with a modern, challenging approach and feel. DESPITE EXILE from Udine knows all about this. Technical demand, precise focusing and the will to please in the overall picture meet with each other in the best mixing ratio. The album „Relics“ captivates with a fresh look at the chosen genre – the technical Death Metal. The musicians even overcome the competition with bands from North America, and this is no exaggeration!

You can not anticipate the development, the songs from „Relics“ will take. Fast riffs and epic melodies are guiding through the dynamic and dark, yet catchy musicality, DESPITE EXILE offers. As a listener you soon will admire the richness of ideas and the solution patterns that the band serves.

Having supported TRIVIUM, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, OCEANO, or TEXAS IN JULY on tours across Europe, DESPITE EXILE already gained international ground with their ability to create profound, intricate metal music that sounds, however, approachable and fascinating. „Relics“ continues this tradition. The Italian 5 piece changes the angle of view and reinterprets its technical Death Metal. Don’t say, we haven’t warned you.

"Relics" out November 17th, 2017.

„Relics“ out November 17th, 2017.


Pressemitteilung: Lifeforce Records

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