Kingdom of Nothingness from Turkish Black Metal duo ZIFIR is out now on Duplicate Records. The album is available on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, Bandcamp and all other digital platforms. Stream the album in its entirety at

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ZIFIR have existed for more than a decade in the deep confines of the underground, previously releasing two full-lengths and one split album with Cult Of Erinyes. Now, with their third album Kingdom Of Nothingness, the Turkish two-piece of Onur Onok and Nursuz have crafted a unique piece of darkness. Skillfully blending eastern European and Scandinavian influences into their very own sound, ZIFIR evoke haunting imagery of desolate fields and vast ruins, all soiled in blood. Rather than the standard „Hail Satan“ perspective, lyrically Kingdom Of Nothingness is a condemnation of all man made religion, seen from a Turkish point of view.

Turkish Black Metal Duo ZIFIR Release 'Kingdom of Nothingness' / Album Streaming

Turkish Black Metal Duo ZIFIR Release ‚Kingdom of Nothingness‘ / Album Streaming

Track Listing

1. Befog
2. The Relief in Disbelief
3. Mina
4. 769
5. Diabolis Praescriptum
6. Common Insanity
7. A State of Chaos
8. As Weak As Your God
9. Abet
10. Echoes From Nowhere
11. The Ascension
12. A Crowded Nothingness
13. Evoke [CD Bonus Track]

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