Viletale: meteoric rise, three EPs and one single released, know the work of one of the most creative Brazilian Extreme Metal

An early career overpowering, so we can sum up the two-year history that the Viletale band celebrates in January 2018. The natural group in the city of Blumenau/SC, in so little time already has enough material to be confused with a veteran Group of national Metal, proving that the musicians are in the best moment of his career, composing, writing, creating and transforming all this in music.

Merging the most extreme Metal styles, the band can take your sound from the most brutal Death Metal, Black, Splatter, Grind and Horror Metal with progressive and cadencies variations that become trademarks of the group. Currently it is easy to find the band’s material over the internet, the group already has three EPs and one single, released by the Group’s official channel on YouTube and major Streaming platforms in the world.

The first work released by the Group was the EP „Initiation“, with 4 tracks, the band features your business card to the Australian public, themed songs about demons, are the main topics discussed on the disk.

Check out the EP „Initiation“:

Exactly a year after the release of your first record, the band Viletale, releases to the public the second EP „From the Depths ov Mind“, the first record gained body and came out in physical form, limited quantities that were soon sold by the band. The album features a maturing fast and clean production to the previous record. Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, the 7 songs available in the registry, addressing in a more poetic, life and existence of demons created by the renowned American writer.

Check out the EP „From the Dephts Ov Mind“:

Ainda em 2017, seis meses após lançarem o segundo EP da carreira, os músicos resolveram apresentar aos fãs, mais um registro de estúdio, chega ao cenário o EP “Suicide of Dei”, com cinco faixas, as músicas abordam assuntos distintos, entre eles, o Serial Killer Edmund Kemper é utilizado como referência. Outro assunto inspirador foi o filme “Begotten” que apresenta Deus como um suicida.

Confira o EP “Suicide of Dei”:

Do you think it’s over? Mere mistake, because the Viletale band still found time to record and release the day 20 December, a simple and macabre tribute end-of-year festivities, with the new single „the Giftless December“ that talks about the demon who steals Christmas children to feed their bodies.

Check out the single „A Giftless December“:

Viletale – Giftles

Currently the band is in the Studio writing and recording what will be the first full career, nobody knows which date will be released, but you can be sure it will be as soon as possible, after all, these guys never get tired!

-Bruno Jankauskas (lead guitar and vocals)
-Matheus Lunge (drums)
Alan Richard (lead guitar and vocals)
-Filipe Oliveira (bass and vocals)

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Viletale: meteoric rise, three EPs and one single released

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