Death/Black Military-inspired band VISIONS OF THE NIGHT (Toronto, Canada) began as a one man studio project by Wolvesblood in 1999 and has since evolved into a frenetic live act with session musicians. The stage show includes a sniper, an alcoholic doctor and the air wall of death where the audience members are given WWII airplanes to throw at each other during the wall of death.

The 2013 release entitled ‚Guerrillas within their Midst‘, featured Todd Hansen (KING PARROT/THE BERZERKER) on session drums, a guest appearance from Rob Urbinati of the legendary thrash metal band SACRIFICE (Canada) and was recorded by Matt Connell ex-EXHUMED, ex-FUCK THE FACTS. 2015 brought a bizarre industrial remix reminiscent of the death metal remixes of the 90’s.

2017 brings the new full length album ‚Supreme Act Of War‘ that picks up where ‚Guerrillas within their Midst‘ left off. It also features a guest vocal appearance by Mirai Kawashima of SIGH (Jp) and the return of Todd Hansen on session drums. It will be released on Nov.18 at the start of their tour in Seoul, Korea.

Quotes about their ‚Guerrillas within their Midst‘ album:

„Rumbling, low-end and generally unpleasant, the war themed death metal malevolence of Visions Of The Night comes to crush you dead.“ -TERRORIZER MAG

„This is extreme metal at its finest, this is not a record that is going to get huge, but for the blackened death metal freaks who understand the nature of the music, well… Let’s just say, for me Guerrillas within their Midst is a sort of instant cult classic.“ -TWO GUYS METAL REVIEWS

„Visions Of the Night are a very great sounding heavy and brutal blackened death metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this album“ -BRINGER OF DEATH ZINE

Visions Of The Night - "Supreme Act of War"

Visions Of The Night – „Supreme Act of War“



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