One of the main singers from Metal of Brazil, Vitor Rodrigues, informs officially his separation of the group Voodoopriest. The musician who acts from 1987, when it formed his first project “Reasons to It Heaven”. But it was in 1991 when it assumed the vocal ones of Torture Squad, that the singer received national and international recognition for works consecrated like “Hellbond“, “Pandemonion“ and participation for three times in the Wacken open Air.

Vitor Rodrigues in April of 2012, left the group Torture Squad, and soon one joined with the musicians Caesar Covero (guitar), Renato de Luccas (guitar), Bruno Pompeo (bass) and Edu Nicolini (battery), for joined they formed the renowned Voodoopriest. In 2013 the group was launching the first official EP, it even already was pointing to the birth of a band that was promising to be one of the biggest force of renovation from the Brazilian extreme Metal. In 2014, the Voodoopriest was launching the acclaimed album of first night, “Mandu“, which in the same year, was considered by several vehicles of specialized press as as the best disc launched in the country.

However, now in 2018, for divergences in the management and ways that the Voodoopriest must take, the musician and one of the main singers of this country, it informs his complete separation of the Voodoopriest. Vitor wishes success the band ex-companions, thank for the years of partnership and it informs to the fans that new projects will be prepared and the name Vitor Rodrigues will be still going to take much metal and I hurt the ears of all those that admire and respect the work created by the musician.

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Vitor Rodrigues leaves the vocal ones of the group Voodoopriest

Vitor Rodrigues leaves the vocal ones of the group Voodoopriest


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